Peter Petty - There are no small rooms...
Peter Petty Pricing   

Thank you so much for your interest in hiring my band!

Here are my in-town prices.      
(Out of town, add  25%)

$600.00-Vocal, Piano or Guitar                             
$1,200.00-Vocal, Piano or Guitar, Bass, Drums                             
$1.500.00-Vocal, Piano, Bass, Drums, One horn

Best Value:
$1,800.00-Vocal, Piano, Bass/tuba, Drums, Tenor sax, Bari sax, Trpt. 
$2,000.00-add Banjo/Guitar (highly recommended)                             
$2,250.00-add Trombone                             
$2,500.00-add Alto sax

Full Orchestra:   
$3,000.00-add 2nd Trpt. violin, and girl singer
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