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Folks, this is Peter Petty.

This is Peter Petty.
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Now then, how bout a short biography?
This? Why, it's Peter Petty.
Peter Petty
has performed as an actor and singer in and around the Central California Valley region for better than two decades.   In that time, he has worked with The Capital City Stage, Music Circus, done voice work for the State of California, starred in a series of industrial training films for Tower Records World Domination Corp. (I guess that one didn't work out) and starred in the independent GIG Ventures feature film, Jump-Cut
            M,hmm. Peter Petty
Mr. Petty has recorded with Elektra recording artists Papa’s Culture and Columbia Records’ Cake, and was one of the founding members of the Valdo Herby tribute band, “Swing This!” Peter sang with the Sacramento Opera  through 8 seasons, retiring that tenure to join the Harley White Jr. Orchestra.
                        And, this is Peter Petty.
As the vocalist and emcee of the Harley White Jr. Orchestra, Peter played the Sacramento and San Francisco areas  working with bandleader Harley White Jr. on bringing orchestral Blues and Swing music to scintillate, syncopate, and educate  enourmously appreciative audiences.
This is Peter Petty!
Recently, Mr. Petty glommed on to the Rat Pack tribute band The Dean-o'holics (It's all about tributes, these days; after all, ain't we all just paying tribute to one thing or another?), and is ripping up the cool with his new seriously hip "pallies" Dean, Frank & Sammie all over these United States of America.
                    This is Peter Petty!  
Peter also plays
with a variety of
diverse musical
ensembles, collaborat-
ing with Jazz,
Rock and
Country artists ncluding his own Double P Review.
He is listed with JE Talent in San Francisco, CA.  An alumnus of CSU Sacramento,  he makes his home in East Sacramento with his wife Theresa and one hermit crab.
And yes, even this is Peter Petty.
                         Peter Petty?  Why, yes.
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Still Peter Petty.
        Yep, Peter Petty
Peter  Petty
 and just when you thought you were safe...PETER PETTY.                                                 
Oh, and say, thanks for checking out the site.  You're one of the good ones.  I'll see you at the next show.
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